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A Chiayi local shop whose conception features Taiwanese rice.

● (Returning home ) FenchiFu - A brand established by a youth in Chiayi who returned home.

FenchiFu, a brand aiming for innovation of Taiwanese rice products, was established in 2016 by Tai-sheng, Chen, a youth who returned home after being away, was born and raised in Chiayi. A hope to inject manifold creativity to his hometown of Fenchifu, one of the most renowned old streets in Taiwan, motivated Chen to start a business from scratch. FenchiFu crackers are based on Chen’s childhood memories of the nostalgic taste of rice snacks made by his mother, and Fenchifu bento. Providing family-friendly rice crackers with pure and natural ingredients is the brand core value of FENCHIFU

In addition to marching into Eslite and Hinoki Village in 2018, FenchiFu had been granted the 2019 and 2020 Superior Taste Awards by the Belgium- based International Taste Institute for high-quality products.2021 The 3-Star award-winner for the A.A. Taste Awards .What’s more, FenchiFu is also one of the must-buy souvenirs recommended by both the Chiayi City and Chiayi County governments.

● (Innovation)A shop whose products feature Taiwanese rice.

Chen recalled that in the mountain area there were so few resources that only a few snacks were available. Chen’s mother therefore used rice to make all kinds of snacks when he was a child. With the view of passing on the heartfelt sentiment from his mother, Chen introduced a machine that can make rice crackers without oil, and produced products featuring Taiwanese rice with thoughtful ingredients. Various flavors and items are available, including puffed rice and rice crackers.

● (Rewards) The first Taiwanese brand to receive international rewards by promoting rice crackers.

FenchiFu, the first Taiwanese brand to receive international rewards by promoting rice crackers, won the 2018 One-Star Superior Taste Awards, and was granted a Two-Star Reward in 2019 by the Belgium-based International Taste Institute. 2021 The Three-Star award-winner for the A.A. Taste Awards. With its premium quality, FenchiFu was also selected as one of the best souvenirs from Chiayi in 2018, as well as the winner of the 2019 Premium Rice Baked Goods award by the Agriculture and Food Agency.

● (Co-branding with Pili Puppet show ) Advocate of the beauty of Chiayi through stories.

So scrumptious the FenchiFu rice crackers are, even the main characters of Pili Puppet Drama cannot help taking a bite! Pili Puppet endeavors to advance Taiwanese traditional art culture. Likewise, FenchiFu puts enormous efforts into promoting Taiwanese rice products. Both puppetry and rice crackers represent unique aspects of Taiwanese culture. With the strategy of co-branding, Pili Puppet and FenchiFu hope that the beauty of Chiayi can be seen by more and more people.

The package designs of FenchiFu feature Chiayi localized elements such as Alishan forest railway, the sunrise, a sea of clouds, cherry blossoms, and the Taiwan blue magpie. Products provided by FenchiFu can not only satisfy customers’ taste buds, but also allow them to be able to feel the hospitality form the locals of Chiayi.